Chiropractic Services

chiropractic room

Your nervous system regulates every cell of your body. If your nervous system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right. Your spine is the “house” of your nervous system. If your spine is out of alignment, the pathway of information from your brain to your body and your body to your brain can be compromised. Chiropractic adjustments can free that pathway leading to less pain, tension, and illness and provide better overall health.

Chiropractic adjustments at our office are tailored to your desires and needs. We use manual technique (often referred to as “cracking”), or activator technique and drop piece technique which are much more gentle. We may also use therapies in addition to your adjustment, such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, flexion distraction, or manual muscle stimulation (trigger points and massage). These therapies can help assist the spinal or extremity adjustments to last longer and reduce inflammation and muscle tension. Whichever techniques are chosen, we want you to feel comfortable with your care.

  • Infants & Children

    We will take a more gentle, playful approach with your kids. We want you and your children to feel comfortable and develop a trust so we can assist with any conditions, such as:

    • Infant colic
    • Constipation
    • Ear infections
    • Bed wetting
    • Growing pains
  • Pregnancy

    Your body is changing rapidly, and this is a crucial time to take care of it to ensure the well-being of your little one. Chiropractic care is a great asset to assist in keeping your pelvis in proper alignment. A properly aligned pelvis provides better room for the baby’s growth and development, and it can help with an easier delivery.

  • Sports

    Whether you are highly competitive or just out to have fun, it is important to keep your body in good alignment so it can function at its highest level and injuries can be prevented. If a sports injury does occur, chiropractic care can help promote proper healing.

  • Auto Accidents & Work Injuries

    Injury from a car accident or a work-related accident can be devastating. We understand how stressful this can be, and we want to help you through this difficult time. Through chiropractic care, therapies can assist the healing process, and exercises can help restore your body to its condition prior to the injury.